Gaming Star

The Gaming Stars program by Games2win!
If you like mobile games – be it design, art, development, programming, analytics or monetization, let Games2win help you become a Star!

What is The Gaming Stars program?
At Games2win, we believe that Mobile Gaming is a revolution. It promises to transform entertainment, art, technology and the lives of people beyond imagination. Mobile Gaming will create many superstars in the world, and we want to be responsible for finding some of them!

We want to encourage people who are passionate about Mobile Gaming – be it Game Design, Game Art, Game Programming, Game Publishing, Game Analytics, Game Monetization, and Game Quality, and make them STARS!

Why are we doing this? Do we have a (hidden) agenda?
Games2win is deeply invested in the Mobile Gaming Ecosystem and we believe that we need to contribute to the Industry for it to thrive and grow. We like to make friends with talented mobile gaming enthusiasts and learn from them. In the event that they want to publish their future games, work with us on assignments or even seek employment with us, we would be very interested in partnering them.

How can you be a Star?
We invite mobile game enthusiasts to participate in any of the Gaming Star tracks below and enjoy the benefits detailed:
Track 1: Star Designer
Track 2: Star Artist
Track 3: Star Programmer
Track 4: Star Analyst
Track 5: Star Rainmaker (Monetizer)