Games2win partners AQOS Technologies for Designer Cars

San Francisco: Games2win, one of the leading casual mobile game companies in the world with over 150 million game app downloads, recently announced its partnership with AQOS Technologies - a leading Car Design Company. Together they intend to introduce aspirational...

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Summer is here! Come to Games2win for your Vacation!

Summer is here and with schools and colleges going into long breaks, we invite you to Games2win for your Summer Vacations! We welcome school and college students to our offices at (Film Center, Tardeo, Mumbai) and work on projects for our Mobile Games! You could be...

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Beware of Virus Ad Pop-Up’s that Scam you on iPhone

We’ve been noticing that many users have been facing some issues regarding “Virus Ads” that pop-up suddenly in popular apps and games (including Games2win games) on the iTunes App Store. Here are some actions you can take to stay away from this issue.

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Why do we like so much friction in our lives?

My first major lesson with friction in life happened at the age of fourteen. During the summer holidays of 1983, while I was in the 9th grade, my Nana (Mom’s dad) told me to go to Mumbai railway station and book tickets for a family trip to Nagpur. (Trivia – Nagpur is...

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How our game ‘Miranda Sings Vs Haters’ reached ranks #1, #2 & #3 on the iTunes USA charts without ads or promotions!

Miranda Sings Games2win’s latest game ‘Miranda Sings Vs Haters’ (iTunes/Android) was built in collaboration with Global Top 10 YouTube celebrity Colleen Ballinger aka ‘Miranda Sings’. The game reached the top ranks on the iTunes USA charts on the weekend of 3rd December 2015. This was achieved without any user acquisition, media spends or iTunes USA promotions.

For us at Games2win, this was reminiscent of our glory moment when Parking Frenzy topped all the charts worldwide.

Miranda Sings 
What did we do and what were the learnings we applied to achieve these coveted ranks with Miranda Sings?

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Google Play solves for PPP (Purchasing power parity) in Apps!

On the 31st of July 2015, Google Play reduced the minimum purchase price of in-app items in India and finally ‘de-linked’ in-apps prices that were pegged to the $US. That move totally made sense.

Especially in a land like India where billions of people are used to ‘nano consumption’ while paying micro nano prices!

This shampoo ‘sachet’ costs Rs. 1 or
2 cents in the USA.  In India, 75% of ALL Shampoo Sales are via   this SKU!


Errr… what is PPP?

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